WYRZ-LP 98.9 FM, The Voice of Hendricks County

January, 1 2020-by William C. Walker
The LPAM Network
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This is Part Two of the XRB Radio story that ran in December. We are now going to talk about the metamorphosis of the Part 15 AM station into a licensed LPFM station in Brownsburg.

(Right. WYRZ's home office in downtown Brownsburg)
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"William: What are the advantages and disadvantages to running a licensed non commercial station compared to a for profit Part 15 AM station?"

Shane: It's kind of a wash in a way. Here are some examples:

1. In commercial part 15 we can say or do whatever we want and don't worry about on-air FCC rules but we don't have much radio signal.
In noncommercial FM there are LOTS of rules to watch out for so what we say has more limits but we have a much bigger signal.

2. In commercial part 15 I was the owner. I had no one to answer to. I could sell it if I wanted. Write myself a paycheck anytime or choose not to.
In noncommercial FM I have a board to answer to. I can get fired. I can't sell the station. I might make a little more money but if I want a pay raise it has to be approved by the board.

3. In commercial part 15 I could do whatever I wanted in my programming and business.
In noncommercial FM I should justify some of the big programming decisions to the board. Large equipment purchases have to be approved by the board. But the results in both cases are heard and appreciated by more people.

(Above. One of WYRZ's Interns hard at work in the studio)

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" William: How many people from your local area are involved with the station? And do you have plans to expand on the size of the staff?"

Shane: We currently have about 7 DJ's including our interns at any given time. Virtually all of them are local volunteers. I would love to have an assistant and a bigger sales staff. We have had some sales people come dip their toe in the water to see if they like it but you have to really want to be in radio sales to stick with with it. We just recently hired a retired media sales person named Lola who didn't want to sit home anymore and asked if she could help us out. Of course we said yes and so far she has been working out great!

(Right. The station tower and antenna)
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"William: What do you consider to be the most important asset your station provides to the listening area? Local news, weather and sports? Music shows? Local talk and information? ?"

Shane: A friend of mine Rob Kendall told me when XRB/Radio Brownsburg got started that the only way we were going to make it was to give the public what they can't get anywhere else. He was right and I kept that advice in my head when we start WYRZ. We don't have the space to list out the things we offer throughout the year that no one else does locally. But here are the top three in my opinion.

1. WRYZ is a teaching facility. We have high school and college interns come to us to learn the first parts of the trade and help them decide if this is the career they want. Some have moved up in broadcasting while some are glad they didn't waste their time pursuing a career they would later hate.

2. Local newbreak three times a day that focuses on our county first, state news second, and national third, followed by local up to date weather reports and high school sports information. Also the interview shows we do are always appreciated by the public.

3. So many people have said they enjoy listening to the music we play and how it's different that the typical "oldies" station. They say it's nice to hear a wider range than just 400 songs over and over like the other stations play. We take a lot of pride in that.

"William: What does the future hold for Shane Ray and WYRZ FM radio in Brownsburg?

Shane: Things will only get bigger and better. That's all I'll say for now. For specifics you'll just have to stay tuned.

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(Station GM Shane Ray outside the studio at the WYRZ offices)

WYRZ's studio equipment includes the following:

Dell Windows computers.
Automation is Station Playlist and Creator
Studio Board is an Arrakis 10 channel mixer.
Microphone Processor is a DBX 286s.
Automatic Gain Control is the Symetrix 422.
Compressor/Limiter is a Behringer Composer Pro.
Sony Equalizer and CD player.
On air Audio Processing from a Broadcast Warehouse TX 300vz.