Resources for the Part 15 AM broadcasting community

Last site update: April 28, 2022

About Us

The Low Power AM Radio Network website has served the Part 15 AM and low power broadcasters both nationally and internationally for more than twenty years. While the site has changed considerably during the years, the main goal of providing information that all Part 15 broadcasters can use is the primary focus of this site.

Please note that a scaled back version of this site is now in place. I am finally getting my own station back on the air and hope to develop it as a commercial Part 15 radio station and that is going to take up most of my spare time these days.

I do envision more content being added in the future such as an occasional article about a Part 15 station just like I've done in the past. But for the most part the current site's content will be the set form for years to come. I'll always have a list of other Part 15 stations from around the country and updates to the list will be made when needed and as changes take place to existing stations.