Part 15 AM Industry News
Please check this page for for the latest Headlines in the Part 15 AM Industry.. Links to articles of importance to all Part 15 AM broadcasters will be listed here. Links are highlighted in Blue. Articles and Op Ed pieces will be added when they become available. Submissions are welcome!

March 18, 2018…Wall Township, NJ Press Release from the Computer Deconstruction Lab.
November 27, 2016…Shirley, MA Article proposing an increase to Part 15 AM power limit.
August 1, 2016…Saxonburg, PA WSNQ AM On Air Host killed in Motorcycle Accident.

June 21, 2015…Madison, CT. ”Distinguish Pirates from Part 15 Operators" is an Editorial recently published in Radio World.

Unknown Date…Las Vegas, NV. ”Part15 AM Radio in the US“ is an Editorial from several years ago. Still worth a read.

Unknown Date…Santa Cruz, CA. “ AM Radio Is Gonna Getchya“ is an Editorial from several years ago. Still worth a read.

February 9, 2016…Washington, DC. “ O’Rielly: Pirates ‘Spreading Like Poison Ivy’“ Editorial and comments pertaining to the apparent problem of illegal, unlicensed broadcasting mostly concentrated on the FM dial.

April 21, 2016…Denton, TX. “ Wavemakers find their frequency“ Story about a Part 15 AM transitioning into a licensed LPFM station.

August, 9, 2013…Woodbridge, VA. “ Billboards: An unusual radio station transmitter“ Editorial and comments pertaining to proliferation of Billboard Part 15 AM transmitting locations.