Automation Software

Stay on the air 24/7 with the following software programs. Windows, Mac and Linux software is available. Scheduling and sound effects are also available for many programs. Most are fee based programs.

Raduga. Windows software.
Zara Studio. Free and low cost Windows automation.
Megaseg. Mac sotware.
Radio Logik. Mac software.
Audio Rack. Mac software. Open source.
Sound Byte. Mac based. Sound effects that can work with your automation software.
Station Playlist. Windows automation software.
EBR Cart 2. Cart machine for Windows.
Rivendell. Linux based automation software. Open Source.
Mix Time. Free and low cost Windows automation software.
Backbone Radio. Mac software. Remote broadcasting software.
Audio Rack Suite. Mac based. Free.
Radio DJ. Windows automation software.
Mixxx. Automation software for Mac. Free.
Play It Live. Automation software, cart software, recording software and more for Windows. Low cost. (new)
Radio Boss. Automation software, logging software and internet streaming software for Windows. Low cost. (new)