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Welcome to the brand new website home of The Low Power AM Radio Network.

If you are an existing Part 15 AM broadcaster we think you will enjoy the new and improved experience using this website. The layout has improved considerably and now the list of Part 15 AM radio stations is organized by state in a clear and concise manner.

If you are new to broadcasting or perhaps interested in learning how to start your own legal, unlicensed, low power AM radio station we encourage you to visit every page on this site, especially those of existing stations to see what current owners are doing for programming and serving their listening audience.

    Last Site Update… April 6, 2014

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A new Part 15 AM friendly radio network is currently taking shape in Florida. They are seeking affiliates and also are interested in obtaining new programs to fill out their time slots on this network and others that are on the drawing boards.

Please visit the link to the page about how your station can become a part of the Radio Ear Network. It's listed under Part 15 AM Programming in our drop down menu.